About me

I started playing the guitar when I was 9. I went to music academy, but after little more than a year I got bored with playing the classical stuff that was presented to me. Nowadays I really like classical music, but then I only wanted to play The Beatles or The Shadows songs. And that wasn’t an option for my music teacher. So I started learning chords in my bedroom. I think I was about 13 when I wrote my first song. Its title was ‘Attempt At Suicide’ and I can still remember how it went. More songs were written and I recorded them on tape, 45 minutes per side. For me, every side was a finished album. None of those tapes still exist but the urge to make ‘albums’ remained.

Of course I ended up playing in bands. At one point I tried to form a sixties-influenced band, at another some friends and I went and made attempt to be a death metal band. Neither worked. When I was 18, I discovered Bad Religion, a California based punk rock band. In their music I found the combination of heavy, fast music and the three-part vocal harmonies I had loved since I was a young child.

Fast forward to 2018…  I’ve been playing in punk rock band F.O.D. for more than 10 years now and I still enjoy that as much as I did back then. But I kept writing songs that didn’t fit into a punk rock picture. So in 2015, encouraged by a friend of mine, I started playing and recording acoustic songs. The result were three split CDs, two with Red Cloud and one with Matteo Caldari. And now, finally, I have recorded a full album of my own, 45 minutes of music, just like the tapes of long ago.

Plans for the future? Sure, but I’ll see what happens. “Skeletons”  will be released on March, 1 2019.  I’m going to play the songs full band if possible, with fewer musicians if necessary and probably solo here and there. Maybe I’ll see you around!